Resolve Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally with PCOS Root Reversal Program


Discover the step-by-step process to address and heal the root causes of your PCOS so you can take back control of your health, reclaim your confidence, and feel amazing every day...without rigid diets or cutting out foods you enjoy

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It's not your fault that you're making these mistakes because this is what you've been taught or this is what you see working for other women. But women with PCOS have very specific needs and you MUST do things differently in order to overcome your symptoms for good.

AND If You Ignore Your PCOS Root Causes And Just Continue Chasing Your Symptoms, They Don’t Go Away…They Only Get Worse


What most women with PCOS do when they’re struggling with symptoms is turn to Dr. Google (yikes!), try all of the wrong things in desperation, and never make any sustainable progress because they’re focused on chasing symptoms.

Their symptoms haven’t budged and they don’t know what to do next. They try every new diet, waste money on ineffective supplements, and constantly feel preoccupied by their PCOS. 

And when you do finally invest in a program that's promising to help you with your PCOS, you're left disappointed learning the bare bones basics about things like protein, carbs, and fats.

If you're anything like the women we've worked with inside of the PCOS Root Reversal program, you're smart. You've done your research, you've changed your diet, and the beginner-level programs just aren't cutting it for you.

And now you're left wondering if you have to go back to school to get your PhD in medical research just to get to the bottom of your own hormonal health challenges!



It IS possible to overcome PCOS.


And we are here to show you HOW!

If you suffer from...

  • Irregular or absent menstrual cycles that make you worried something is wrong with your body
  • Unpleasant symptoms like acne, unwanted hair growth, and weight that won’t budge, that tank your self confidence
  • Bloating, fatigue, anxiety and sugar cravings that make it hard to function throughout the day
  • Feeling overwhelmed from all of the conflicting information and a lack of support, and don't know where to turn to get answers

If you're like the hundreds of women we've worked with, you know you want to resolve your PCOS symptoms naturally but you don’t have clarity on what to do next….

... and maybe you’ve tried countless diets, supplements, and exercise plans and feel like everything you try just isn’t working…

... and you know deep down that healing is possible, but you need a roadmap to guide you on the path that will actually help you resolve your symptoms...


Then the PCOS Root Reversal program is for you. Here’s why…

As functional medicine dietitians and women’s health experts, we've helped hundreds of women address their PCOS naturally and have found what truly works.

We've taken everything that we utilize with our private coaching clients to create the PCOS Root Reversal Program: the most comprehensive virtual group program available designed to help women like you address and heal the root causes of their PCOS for good…without unnecessary restriction or avoiding foods you love!


The PCOS Root Reversal Program Can Help You Heal Your PCOS Naturally, So You Can Feel Amazing in Your Body Every Day!

Imagine If…

  • you could clearly identify YOUR personal PCOS root causes and understood the WHY behind your symptoms... so you never had to spend hours with "Dr. Google" again
  • you were able to stop dieting and felt confident in how to eat to fuel your body you never had question if you were on the right path again
  • you were given personalized supplement recommendations based off advanced lab testing and knew exactly which supplements were right for YOU.


  • you had regular periods without medications. 
  • your symptoms of acne, head hair loss, and facial hair growth improved significantly.
  • you had more energy, improved mood, less anxiety, and increased confidence.
  • you felt less bloated and more confident in your body.
  • you never had to wonder if you were doing the right things to support your PCOS.

All of this (and MORE!) is available to you inside of the PCOS Root Reversal Program!


The PCOS Root Reversal Program Provides The Solutions To Your PCOS That You've Been Looking For

Here’s the story: We have hundreds of women reaching out that want one-on-one functional medicine nutrition counseling to resolve their PCOS symptoms naturally. 

But there's only two of us, and unfortunately we only have so many hours each week to serve clients in a 1:1 capacity.

Since it's our mission to empower as many women with PCOS as possible to take back control of their health and to resolve their symptoms naturally, we knew we had to take everything we've learned from supporting our 1:1 clients to create a comprehensive group program that could support even more women than ever before.

Plus... there is also real magic that can happen when you're surrounded by other incredible women on the same PCOS-healing journey as you!

This is EXACTLY Why We've Created The PCOS Root Reversal Program

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"This has really helped me to get into a routine and to learn to listen to my body and understand what’s going on… I am sitting here extremely confident and extremely informed."
"I’m sleeping better, I feel better after meals, I feel better throughout the day, and I feel like I developed a better relationship with my body and the foods that I eat."
"After the program I definitely achieved my goal of getting my acne better and getting my period on a regular schedule!"
"People have said my skin has cleared up, I feel like I’m sleeping better, my relationship with food has been a lot better, I know how to optimize my meals and workouts to make me feel my best, and most importantly...I feel good!"

Aline N.

"By incorporating the mindset and dietary changes I quickly saw the results: my period on a regular schedule. However the most valuable thing I learned with this experience was the importance of getting more educated (with a professional!) rather than just guessing and trying new things without understanding the PCOS root causes."

Natalie D.

"After not having my period for years, being diagnosed with PCOS and being told by my doctor I probably wouldn’t be able to ever have a natural cycle... I found Jillian online and figured it was worth a shot. 

After three months working with Jillian, I have a regular cycle, clear skin, and regular digestion all while eating and doing the things I enjoy."

Tara H.

"Mentally, I feel so much more loving towards my body. I don’t feel the need to restrict my body of what it needs, instead I finally know that I can give it healthy nourishment in abundance. Physically, I learned the kinds of foods my body loves and also doesn’t love. My digestive health has never felt better!"

Juliette B.

"I learned more in this program than I’d ever been told in the last 16 years about PCOS.

I feel more energized and feel like I have more food and fitness freedom. It’s nice to feel good and confident in these decisions, knowing that I’m listening to my body. It's been super helpful to actually learn about the triggers of PCOS and how to alleviate symptoms."

Rosalie G.

"Before this program, I had a distorted view of what was healthy. I also had no idea that certain things I did were negatively affecting my health. Mentally, I feel like I have a healthier relationship with food already. Physically, my digestive issues have almost completely vanished."

Alysia R.

"As a result of this program I was able to lose weight, feel less bloated and uncomfortable, my skin has become clear, my periods have become regular and I have a noticeable boost in my mood and energy."

Want to make this your reality?

The PCOS Root Reversal Program is your pathway to achieve all of this and more. It's time to invest in yourself and your health, and to get the help you need to resolve your PCOS symptoms naturally!

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When You Join PCOS Root Reversal We Will Work Together To...

Discover Your PCOS Root Causes

Master Your Mindset 

Balance Your Nutrition For Balanced Hormones

Establish a Hormone Healing Lifestyle

Customize & Trouble Shoot with Advanced Testing & Tracking*

Utilize Targeted Supplements & PCOS Supportive Foods

Here's what you get when you enroll in the PCOS Root Reversal Program...


  • RECORDED VIDEO MODULES - Comprehensive educational modules that cover everything you need to know about nutrition and lifestyle to support your PCOS naturally. You can watch and rewatch these videos at your own pace. ($2,500 VALUE)
  • EXCLUSIVE MONTHLY Q&As: Submit your questions as you work through the program to get Jillian & Courtney’s expert support and advice to help you navigate your PCOS healing journey. Each month you’ll receive access to a video recording of Jillian or Courtney answering women’s questions.
  • 12-WEEK STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM - A balanced strength training program designed to support and optimize your hormonal and metabolic health. Created by Mariah MacDowell, founder of Women In Strength Fitness studio. Designed for all fitness levels. ($1000 VALUE)
  • RECIPES, MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING GUIDES + RESOURCES - All designed to help you implement dietary changes with ease and to support various aspects of your health including blood sugar balance, gut health, and lowering inflammation. ($500 VALUE)
  • GUEST EXPERT LIBRARY - Complement your PCOS healing journey  with guest expert presentations from leaders in the field on topics like a functional approach to treating anxiety, weight loss & body image, mindful meal planning, endocrine disruptors and more! ($2000 VALUE)
  • PROGRESS SUPPORT - Maintain PCOS healing momentum with weekly implementation tips delivered straight to your inbox along with interactive progress trackers. ($500 VALUE)
  • 10% OFF PROFESSIONAL GRADE SUPPLEMENTS - Get access to professional-grade supplements and the 10% discount that Jillian’s one-on-one clients receive. ($500 VALUE)
  • *ACCESS TO PURCHASE DISCOUNTED DUTCH Hormone Testing - Decode your symptoms and understand your PCOS root causes through advanced DUTCH  hormone testing. Get results through a personalized supplement, nutrition and lifestyle protocol based on your test results. Comprehensive hormone testing packages are optional add-ons and they are ONLY available to women once they are in the program. The cost of lab tests are not included in the cost of the program. 

Total Value: $9,000+

(But you won't pay anywhere near that!)

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Meet Your Coaches

Hi, I'm Jillian!

I help women with PCOS uncover the root causes of their hormone imbalances so they can achieve regular, symptom-free periods.

As an Integrative Functional Registered Dietitian and women's health expert, I'm passionate about empowering women to discover what their bodies need through a personalized and holistic approach towards nutrition. 

I've helped hundreds of women manage their PCOS symptoms naturally, and have found what truly works for amazing, sustainable health outcomes.  

I've taken everything that I use with my private coaching clients to create the PCOS Root Reversal Program to help women struggling with PCOS remove the stress and confusion around food, to feel confident in their ability to manage their PCOS naturally, and to feel amazing so they can focus their energy on living the life they desire.

Hi, I'm Courtney!

I'm a Functional Dietitian with a passion for helping women understand and heal the root-causes of their hormonal and digestive symptoms, with a special interest in periods, menstrual cycles, PCOS and mental health.

I take a “whole body” approach towards supporting women & empower my clients with knowledge and tools to achieve optimal health. 

Every woman is beautifully unique & my goal is to help more women take their health into their own hands using personalized nutrition, mind-body techniques, & holistic lifestyle interventions.

Jillian Greaves Functional Nutrition and Wellness Has Been Recognized By Expertise As One Of The Top Nutritionists In Boston For 2022, 2021 and 2020

Here's What You'll Learn In The PCOS Root Reversal Program

This coaching program runs for 12 weeks and will cover everything you need to know to identify and address the root causes of your PCOS naturally, so you can resolve your symptoms and feel amazing in your body.

🤩 Plus Get These Amazing Bonuses When You Join Now!

12 Week Strength Training Program

A 12 week, balanced strength training program specifically designed to support and optimize your hormonal and metabolic health. Created by Mariah MacDowell, founder of Women In Strength Fitness studio. Designed for all fitness levels.

$1000 Value

Guest Expert Presentations

Presentations from experts in the field to help you learn new strategies for supporting your health and hormones.

$2000 Value

Monthly Q&As

Ask Jillian & Courtney questions via the the monthly Q&A & receive personalized support and answers to your questions delivered through a recording.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Michaela B.

"Jillian understands the emotional struggles for PCOS, that can weigh heavier than the physical, and helps you make small, attainable changes toward overall health without slipping into a diet mentality.

Since I started working with Jillian, my skin is completely clear of my cystic acne, I have more energy and my overall anxiety decreased drastically.

I feel more confident in all aspects of my life that I have the tools I need to be happy and healthy. "

Abby M.

"Working with Jillian has been a transformational experience! She is such a lovely person who makes me feel empowered.

I wake up feeling energized versus swollen, puffy, and bloated. I no longer crash in the afternoon. My cravings for sweets subsided. My skin is the clearest it has has been in years and even my acne scars have lightened. Also, my knee pain went away!

Jillian has provided me with a foundation for my future health. I recommend her to everyone because she truly is the best!"

Niamh G.

"Jillian helped me change my entire perspective on food and my PCOS in general.

My hair loss stopped completely and naturally during our second month working together. My skin has cleared up itself.

I threw out my scale and I'm feeling the best I've ever felt in my own skin.

I have more energy now than I've had in the last 5 years and that is all because I worked with Jillian."

Mari P. 

"I felt completely validated and seen for the first time when it comes to living with PCOS. Jillian’s work around mindset was huge for me. I feel much more in control of my health and making changes based on science that will best support my PCOS. This makes me feel that I can be an active part in managing my health without relying on medicine to mask symptoms.

I already feel more in tune with my body and can notice how my diet, sleep, and exercise affect how I feel."

Kathleen H. 

"My shift in mindset has been HUGE. I am now able to be confident in my decisions regarding exercise and diet and not allowing society or others to bring me down. The Empowered PCOS program was so valuable to me because it finally provided me the knowledge I needed to understand how to best serve my body.

My overall stress levels and mental health have greatly improved. It has helped me stop doing cleanses and starving myself as a punishment after indulging. I have also noticed my overall level of fatigue improved."

Caroline W.

"I have already recommended this program to a few of my friends who have PCOS, and what I told them is that Jillian is like no other.

I have done several programs in the past and have been extremely disappointed in the lack of information or poor advice given in those programs, but Jillian's program is different. It's about giving yourself grace, approaching things in a non-restrictive way, and creating a sustainable approach to treating PCOS.

I was blown away by the amount of knowledge Jillian has to offer about PCOS."

Who Is This Program For?

This Program IS For You If...

You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS (or you suspect you have it) but have never been able to get control of your symptoms or don't know where to start to get relief.

• You feel confused about conflicting information you've read online and want to use evidence-based strategies for resolving your PCOS naturally.

• You are tired of rigid diets and want a more flexible approach to using food to heal your PCOS symptoms

• You take responsibility for your own results and understand that no program or coaching will work unless YOU do! 

This Program IS NOT For You If…

• You are only looking for a quick fix or rigid diet plan.

• Your goal is rapid weight loss or you expect an overnight transformation. 

• You are not willing to make changes to your current diet or lifestyle. 

• You're not willing to spend time working through self-paced materials.

Our transformational promise to you...

When you join the PCOS Root Reversal Program, we will walk you through our proven blueprint for overcoming your PCOS naturally. You'll get all the tools and skills you need to confidently resolve your PCOS symptoms!


By the end of the PCOS Root Reversal Program you'll...

Finally Have A Regular Period

Be confident in your fertility and hormonal health, ditch the pharmaceutical birth control, and never be unpleasantly surprised by your period again (or lack thereof)!

Get A Personalized Plan For Eliminating Your Symptoms

Know that your plan for overcoming PCOS is perfect for you, through access to advanced functional hormone testing and a personalized plan created by Jillian and Courtney.

Feel Confident and At Ease In Your Body

Rest assured that your plan is working as you watch your symptoms fade away naturally, and get back to living life to it's fullest (without stressing about your PCOS again!)

Join the Program

One-Time Investment



3 Monthly Payments



On the fence?

Check out what past program participants are saying about their experience in the program and the results they achieved in just 12 weeks here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We're so confident in the value and effectiveness of this program that we're offering a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply email our team at [email protected] with your refund request and we'll refund you right away.

Kristen S.

"It really is possible to feel better and achieve your health goals and this program can help you do that.

I am armed with the tools and knowledge to keep making incremental changes to improve my symptoms. Seeing the results of my DUTCH test was so validating!

I’ve noticed improvements in my mood and achievements at the gym, and I’ve gotten my period twice!"

Sarah S.

"This experience has been so validating. I finally have data that backs up how I was feeling, despite being largely ignored by doctors. It’s given me back the ability to trust myself and reminded me that I’m the expert of my own health.

One of the biggest things for me has been better blood sugar regulation and realizing that low blood sugar feels a lot like anxiety.  I’ve been able to decrease my afternoon fatigue and can make it to dinner without feeling anxious and shaky. I’ve also noticed improvements in my skin."

Sarah H.

"Physically, I was able to regain my period, ovulate, and get pregnant naturally! Mentally, I feel more in control and confident in making decisions to support my health.

Getting pregnant was my number one goal and I achieved it! Having the knowledge and resources to come back to when I need a refresher is so valuable because I will incorporate these nutrition and lifestyle tools for the rest of my life."

Frequently Asked Questions

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