Eat to Heal Your Hormones
Get our nutritional blueprint to support your body’s unique needs, balance your hormones, and end confusion around food for good.
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Are you tired of struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance?
  • You struggle with symptoms like miserable or irregular periods, acne, fatigue, weight gain, sugar cravings, bloating, or anxiety…and it impacts your ability to show up fully in life.
  • You’ve tried every diet under the sun, but nothing seems to work for you long-term.
  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the conflicting information you read about nutrition online.

If you experience any of these symptoms of hormonal imbalance:

  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Absent or irregular periods
  • Fertility challenges
  • Acne, eczema or psoriasis
  • Bloating, constipation or loose stools
  • Anxiety
  • Energy crashes
  • Sugar cravings
  • Weight gain that won’t budge

And you are ready to:

  • Improve your energy levels and mental clarity
  • Reduce anxiety 
  • Experience symptom-free periods
  • Have regular cycles with consistent ovulation
  • Get pregnant naturally
  • Clear up your skin
  • Feel confident in your body
  • Experience what it feels like to know exactly how to eat for healthy hormones
Don't wait any longer to take control of your hormonal health.
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You’re sick of dealing with chronic symptoms and the lack of support you’ve received from healthcare providers.

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You're tired of rigid diets and obsessing about food.

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You know you want to heal your hormones naturally, but you don’t know where to start.

I know how it feels...
The journey to healing your hormones can be incredibly frustrating.
We’re constantly inundated with confusing and conflicting messages about health and nutrition. Everywhere you look, there's a new diet plan, online program, and health coach promoting a new way of eating.

Diet culture and the media pumps out recommendations that aren’t rooted in science and that neglect female physiology entirely.
Eat less and exercise more to lose weight.
Cut out sugar to heal your acne.
Eliminate gluten and dairy for period problems.
Follow a low-fodmap diet for chronic bloating.
Go vegan for fertility.
Try intermittent fasting for energy issues.

The result? A generation of women that are undernourished, stressed, and exhausted.

Access to health and nutrition information is virtually limitless…but more women are unwell and struggling with more symptoms of hormonal imbalance than ever.
It's time to end the confusion around food for good.
Step into the healthiest version of yourself.
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Have confidence in how to eat to support your body’s unique needs, so you never had to try another diet again.

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Know exactly how to support balanced hormones with targeted nutrition strategies that fit into your life with ease.

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Experience consistent energy, improved mood, less anxiety, and to feel confident in your body.

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Have more regular periods with minimal symptoms, clearer skin, and stable digestion.

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Live the life you've always wanted without being preoccupied with food.

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You deserve to feel confident in how to nourish your body and to live a life free from the blame and shame of generic diets that don’t work.

You deserve to feel amazing. I'm going to help you get there.

Eat to Heal Your Hormones
A self-study nutrition program where you’ll learn how to eat for your body and to balance your hormones using our proven functional nutrition blueprint…without restrictive diets, my fitnesspal logging, or avoiding foods that you love.
Hear from our past students...
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"After not having my period for years, being diagnosed with PCOS & being told by a doctor I probably wouldn't be able ever to have a natural cycle... I found Jillian online and figured it was worth a shot.

After 3 months of working with Jillian, I have a regular cycle, clear skin, and regular digestion all while eating and doing the things I enjoy."

Natalie D.

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"What I noticed right away with the program was my energy levels! I had enough energy to survive my day without an afternoon coffee. My skin also cleared up after SO many years of struggling with acne. I also experienced less bloating and an increased libido!"

Britney W.

Ready to heal your hormones & to step into the healthiest version of yourself?
Here's what's waiting for you inside...
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Get To Know Your Hormones

Deepen your knowledge of female physiology and hormone health. Understand the signs and symptoms associated with common hormonal imbalances to identify the WHY behind your symptoms effectively.

  • Become the expert of your own body and get familiar with the key hormones involved with your menstrual cycle, metabolism, thyroid, stress response system, and more.
  • Understand common patterns of hormonal imbalance
  • Identify potential root causes driving your hormonal imbalance symptoms
  • Discover the power of functional nutrition for optimizing hormone health and kickstart your journey to healing your hormones
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Master Your Mindset

Having the wrong mindset will sabotage your hormone-healing journey 100% of the time.

  • Discover how your current mindset is holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Master the mindset shifts needed to start healing your hormone symptoms through functional nutrition.
  • Unlock the power of purpose-driven behavior change and discover how to create dietary habits that last.
  • Learn how to ditch the diet culture mentality and release the blame and shame so you can step into the healthiest version of yourself.
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Balanced Blood Sugar for Balanced Hormones

You can't balance your hormones without balancing your blood sugar FIRST.

  • Discover why balancing blood sugar is the most essential thing you can do to balance your hormones.
  • Assess for symptoms of imbalanced blood sugar and identify common diet mistakes that are creating blood sugar chaos.
  • Learn how to confidently eat to support optimal blood sugar balance.
  • Know which lab tests to request to understand your blood and learn how to interpret these using optimal reference ranges (spoiler alert: your doctor is not testing these)
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Eat to Heal Your Hormones

Building a strong and supportive foundation with your nutrition is the #1 place to start for hormone healing.

  • Optimal meal composition and macros: carbohydrates, protein, and fat
  • Master meal timing and establish an optimal eating pattern for healthy hormones
  • HOW to eat for balanced hormones and customizing your nutrition blueprint
  • Putting it all together in real life
  • Low carb vs high carb, intermittent fasting, and elimination diets: clear up the confusion and safeguard yourself from common diet mistakes
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Functional Foods & Supplements for Hormone Health

Discover the power of functional foods for hormone healing.

  • Understand the benefits of utilizing functional foods for hormone balance
  • Nutrition for healthy hormone detoxification and elimination
  • Improve your stress resilience with food
  • Lowering inflammation and supporting a healthy gut
Plus additional bonus resources...
You're also going to get access to:
Master your Menstrual Cycle

Understand what’s happening in each phase of your menstrual cycle and identify what your symptoms might be telling you. Troubleshoot cycle related issues and learn how to make supportive adjustments with food to feel your best all month long.

Recipes, Meal Plans, & Shopping Guides

Balanced plate and macronutrient guides for building your nutrition foundation. Food lists, grocery guides, and product recommendations. 4 weeks of hormone-supportive meal plans with grocery lists and prep guides. Over 100+ recipes for hormone-supportive breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts. References for quick meals, blood sugar-supportive smoothies, and more.

Testing & Tracking 101

Learn how to use advanced testing and tracking to monitor your progress (WITHOUT myfitnesspal logging and calorie counting). Assess feedback from your body and use data to customize your nutrition and to solidify habits that last.

Ready to heal your hormones & to step into the healthiest version of yourself?
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“Jillian helps you make small, attainable changes toward overall health without slipping into a diet mentality.
Since I started working with Jillian, my skin is completely clear of my cystic acne, I have more energy and my overall anxiety has decreased drastically.
I feel more confident in all aspects of my life that I have the tools I need to be happy and healthy. "

Michaela B.

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"Working with Jillian has been a life-changing experience for me. I suffered with gut health issues for years and never knew what to do about them. My doctor put me on the low-fodmap diet which only made me restrict my eating more. Pair that with being diagnosed with PCOS after going off birth control...I was completely lost. Then I found Jillian and it changed everything! We worked to better balance the bacteria in my gut, completely opened up the foods that my gut can digest & feel good eating, and I learned about how important it is to support my metabolism and EAT. 6 months later, my body feels healthier than it ever has in my 30 years of living. I have a regular cycle, ovulate every month, and my stomach feels great."

Isabella A.

Here's what you get when you join:
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Instant access to the complete  program

Delivered through pre-recorded video modules that you can watch & re-watch or listen to at your own pace.
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Lifetime updates

Get access to new content & upgraded content

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Downloadable tools & resources that correspond with each module.

Designed to help implement & customize what you learn

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Bonus #1

Master Your Menstrual Cycle

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Bonus #2

Recipe Meal Plans, & Shopping Guides

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Bonus #3:

Testing & Tracking 101

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We're so confident in the value and effectiveness of this self-study program that we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply email our team at [email protected] with your refund request, and we'll refund you right away. 

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Hey there, I'm Jillian.

I’m an Integrative & Functional Registered Dietitian and women's health specialist. I’m best known for my whole-health approach and my ability to support and empower women in addressing the root causes of their hormonal and digestive symptoms naturally. I practice functional medicine nutrition and utilize cutting-edge research to provide exceptional care to women in an environment that is always supportive and empathetic.

From chronic low energy to digestive and skin issues, to horrible PMS, I know firsthand what it's like to have your symptoms dismissed by providers and to be told that everything is fine or to "just take birth control". After years of education and advanced training, healing my own body, and working one-on-one with hundreds of women to transform their health, I know what works. The first step to healing your hormones is building a supportive foundation with food. I've taken everything that I use with my private coaching clients to create Eat To Heal Your Hormones.

This self-study program was designed to help women struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance to remove the stress and confusion around food, to feel confident in exactly how to fuel and nourish their body, and to kick start their journey to healing their hormones naturally…so they can focus their energy on living the life they desire.

On the Fence?
This is not just another diet in disguise.
One of the biggest hesitations women have before joining the Eat To Heal Your Hormones self-study program is the financial investment and concerns around whether or not the program will actually work.

I get it. If you’re anything like the women we work with, you’re smart. You’ve done your own research, you’ve tried changing your diet, and you may have even invested in other programs or practitioners.

You try to eat healthy, you’ve followed all the rules, and you’ve done everything right.

But you’re still struggling with symptoms, and you still feel confused about how to eat and what to do to feel better.
Listen up! You didn’t fail your diet…your diet failed you. One-size-fits-all approaches to nutrition don’t work and often do more harm than good.

Eat To Heal Your Hormones is different. It’s not just another diet in disguise. It IS possible to heal your hormonal symptoms naturally, and building a supportive foundation with your nutrition using the right strategies is the #1 place to start.

As Functional Medicine Dietitians and Women’s Health Specialists, we’ve helped hundreds of women heal their hormonal symptoms naturally, and we know what works.

Eat To Heal Your Hormones was born out of our desire to support the unique needs of women and to give more women access to our proven blueprint.

It’s time to get rid of the blame and shame around food and to step into the healthiest version of yourself. It’s time to Eat To Heal Your Hormones.
Frequently Asked Questions
Ready to eat to heal your hormones?
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Eat To Heal Your Hormones puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own health.

You deserve access to the information, tools, and support you need to feel confident in how to eat to heal your hormones.

You deserve to have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

You deserve to show up fully in life, without being held back by unpleasant symptoms and stress around food.

Our realistic approach to hormone healing using targeted functional nutrition strategies that you can utilize within the context of your busy life is the fastest way to start seeing meaningful shifts with your health and hormone symptoms.

Stop waiting for the perfect time. Now is the time to say YES to yourself and ditch restrictive diets for good.

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